Enter a fantastic universe beyond time and space. A universe filled with strange technology, stranger cultures, exotic locations, and incredible danger.

In a distant time, at the far-flung reaches of space...

The known universe is ruled by the immortal Tyrant and his oppressive 149,000 year regime. Genetically-engineered, flesh-and-blood Pharisto gods rule over humanity and alien alike. Biological minds whose intellect approaches that of machines, shape-shifting genetic clones in search of individuality, and atomic-scale clockwork mechanicals given sentience are just some of its denizens.

Enemies within and without plot to bring down the eternal Dominion. Interdimensional invaders lurk beyond space and time, plotting their next incursion. Unfathomable aliens stalk humanity, corrupting and enslaving their victims for strange purposes. Once more, the rebellious machines, betrayers of humanity, threaten to escalate the millennium-old cold war. Meanwhile, the Pharisto houses further their schemes, eyeing the Tyrantine Throne of the golden planet, Baroque, for themselves.

Baroque Space Opera is available in print and digital over at DriveThruRPG.

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